About Honey Greens Farm.

Honey Greens Farm Launched in July 2020. Brian and Rhonda just had another baby and Brian was home on sick leave from a scare being in the ICU for a week. Rhonda loved plant medicines and wanted to start creating her gardens and also wanted to grow her own microgreens. So Brian right away started loving the idea as well and began to learn and they both began investigating and experimenting. After a few weeks growing there own they noticed there is a big need for local produce all year around and decided to launch a microgreen business to get you the freshest microgreens to you home or business.  They continue to have big plans to grow and expand to become leaders in the industry of produce all year round.  

Our goal at Honey Greens Farm is to create an
experience in the community, support local businesses,
and build relationships. We not only deliver microgreens
to front doors but also bring all the knowledge of
microgreens to families that want support in creating
more of a plant-based diet.